Giving Me Life (In The Land Of The Deadass)

A brand new web series about the struggles of living and loving in NYC.




Giving Me Life: In the Land of the Deadass is a multi-protagonist story with each episode/chapter exploring the issues of race, class, gender and sexuality with a mad-cap adventure twist. 

chapter one: Nala

When Nala loses her job at a non-profit due to gentrification, she soon discovers that her power-to- the-people politics aren't exactly what you'd call "transferable skills"....


Being bi and dating in New York can be tricky -- that's why Leah hates the whole bar scene. But for her best friend Travis’s birthday, she makes the exception and the night takes an unexpected twist...

Chapter three: travis

Travis is your typical gay Christian, but an exciting proposition tests the boundaries of his religious values…

chapter four: cam

Cam has always had more drama in his life than a telenovela. However, he’s finally found the perfect woman, but will his wild-style ways and a secret ruin his future with her?


Jess has never followed the rules! As a femme stud Latina, she kinda makes her own. So when Jess and the crew have a crazy encounter at the weed spot, let’s just say things get out of hand real quick!


In the season finale, sci-fi geek Gil decides to stop living in his head and finally reveals his feelings for Nala?