Giving Me Life (In The Land Of The Deadass)

A brand new web series about the struggles of living and loving in NYC.



The Cast


An idealistic “artivist,”who believes she can change the world before the world changes her.  She has a problem accepting reality and boundaries in the city with no limits.  Her life gets more complicated when she loses her job and her college crush, Gil,  rejoins her circle of friends. 


She's no-nonsense, career-driven, former valedictorian, working at an investment-banking firm and studying for her GMATs. A beacon of style and taste -- she's only willing to date women and men who are socialites. She's got her whole life figured out -- but with her high standards, can she find someone to share it with?  

Travis Headshot.jpg


His natural charisma, humor and deep spirituality make everyone – even strangers – want to be his best friend.  Travis has found a successful, church-going, God-loving man. He's the perfect life... or does he?

Cam Photo 2.jpg


Cam is always down for anything and is a perpetual “entrepreneur,” working random jobs. Although he won’t say “no” to a crazy night out or a one-night stand, he’s actually a romantic at heart and is looking for the right woman to settle down with. But will his wild ways get in the way of love?

Jess Headshot.png


Jess is a weed-smoking middle school guidance counselor. Within the group of her friends, she is the peacemaker. With her easy-going demeanor, Jess is everyone’s confidante. Although the ladies love her, she has a problem letting women in — afraid that they might mess with her Zen-like way of life.


Gil is a sci-fi fantasy connoisseur and the epitome of geek-chic (Yes. There is such a thing.) Conservative, at times a little moralistic, but never confrontational. Gilbert hates to argue. He also constantly finds himself struggling between doing the right thing /what’s expected of him versus what’s truly in his heart.